So, something’s been bothering me.

And really, it has no right to bother me. At least, I don’t think it does.

But seriously, the way that pagans see and interact with their various gods really gets on my nerves sometimes.

(See? I wasn’t kidding, this is none of my business. But I’m going to rant on anyway.)

Where to start…okay, how about this. I know several pagans and witches who say that the gods can appear in the guise of a homeless person, and therefore, they’re always nice to homeless people, because you never know….

Do you know why I’m nice to homeless people? BECAUSE. THEY’RE. HOMELESS. PEOPLE. Have you ever been homeless? It kind of sucks! It’s a scary, desperate feeling, and the worse it gets, the more you’re met with hostility from the rest of society. I’m nice to them not in hope or fear that I’m actually encountering some random deity, but because it’s the fucking right thing to do — which, in general, should be kind of the damned point anyway.

But hey, you know who the gods NEVER appear as, apparently? Hateful blog commenters! Neighborhood gossips. The people who don’t like you, criticise you, question you. No, those are never gods, just haters.


Oh, and then that brings me to the challenge thing. I basically just gag on my own spit when people talk about how ~we need the gods to challenge us~ because, okay, first of all, WHY AREN’T YOU CHALLENGING YOURSELF? Maybe you’re not supposed to wait around for a god to step in and kick your ass? And even if that’s what’s right for you, don’t act like that’s the key for everyone’s relationship with deity, and anyone who isn’t being ~challenged~ by the gods just isn’t growing.


In fact, nope! Too late. Let’s go!

  • Divorce!
  • Losing your job!
  • Being homeless!
  • Illness!

PEOPLE GO THROUGH THESE THINGS EVERY FUCKING DAY. In fact, for a lot of us, it’s called the economy, not divine babysitting. And there are people, everywhere, who go through this and much worse, not because of some test or anything, but because it’s merely the reality of their life. And most of them who get through it don’t get any supernatural gifts at the end of it.

I can’t even fully explain why this one makes me so angry (which makes me hesitant to even include this in here, but it’s one of my biggest gripes and I’m sure no one will read this anyway). I think it’s because it seems arrogant. YOU lost your job because Hekate was challenging you, but the thousands of other people who lost their job today lost it because of LIFE. So I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but…

(Or maybe it’s the arrogance involved in thinking that getting a divorce is a “challenge” when A) okay, don’t like, half of the marriages today end up this way? and B) to accidentally quote Sia, SOME PEOPLE HAVE REAL PROBLEMS.)

(AND OKAY. Listen. I realize that challenges are different for everyone and what some people think is a challenge other people are like, LOL WHATEVER. I get that, I do! I’m just a bitch, and you can ignore me. I have nervous breakdowns when I lose my pens, so I have no room to talk.)

And this is all without getting into the question of what place the gods have in our lives (outside of ~challenging~ us, of course) and what their nature is and blah blah blah. So I’ll stop now.  And maybe now that I’ve complained about it, it will be out of my system!