A concerned Anon asked: “Hi, I can’t come off anon becuase I feel stupid. But I feel liek there is something I can’t see with me in my room and I was wondering if you or anyone could talk me through this or anything really, just talk, I haven’t felt this in a while or haven’t seen the light flashes anyway and it’s hard to talk to anyone about it crazy or real.”

I’m going to ask the questions you probably don’t want to hear, first. Because these things need to be ruled out before taking a spiritual and/or magical approach.

Stress levels? Physical ailments? Changes to (or overindulgence in) caffeine, sugar, alcohol, entheogen, nicotine, mugwort, and/or other drugs and/or supplement intake lately. Rearrange the room lately? Major new purchases or removals from the room?

Don’t look at me like that, I know too damn well how stress can mindfuck me. Not every shadow is a resident spirit. Too much coffee in one day will have me seeing light flashes by afternoon, and probably having fits by that night. And moving the furniture in my room makes me off-kilter for a week until I get used to it.

Rule those out first. Because if you start playing around with esoterica without knowing your own baseline, you can make a bad situation worst. ~nods from experience~

Okay. Having said that. Let’s get started. Because I do not know the particulars of your situation, I will answer in generalities. Keep in mind, what works for one person may not work for another. You’ll likely have to try different things before finding something that works for you. Also making this post rebloggable, and answerable, so my readers can chime in with helpful advice of their own.

(Long preamble finished)

Get yourself a trinket, Anon. It doesn’t have to be a chunk of quartz, unless that’s what you want. It doesn’t have to have “WITCHY” stamped all over it, unless that’s what you want. Get yourself something about the size of a golf ball. A doll, a transformer’s toy, a decorative book, a mini flash-light, a fake flower, etc, etc, etc. The idea is to have something that looks like it belongs in your room, something you would be comfortable looking at.

Bring home said object, and wipe it down with a damp cloth. If the object can handle a little salt, use salt water (enough salt in it to remind you of the ocean) to wipe it down with. You’re removing any attachments on the trinket that came from being manufactured and placed in the store.

Go into your room, and wait until you feel the presence again. Then close your door, present the trinket to the presence, and say (whisper if necessary) “I brought this for you to use as your home (or hanging out place, or what words best describe here) when you’re here with me. This is yours, and until we get to know each other better, please use this.” Then place the trinket on a shelf, dresser, computer table, stable place in your room and leave it alone.

If the presence accepts it, the visual light flashes will cease.

So. Now you have a roommate. What do you do? You take a journal, and start paying attention. Do your dreams change? Do things you’re reading suddenly jump out and clamor for attention? When you feel comfortable doing so, speak to the trinket. “Hey. My day was shitty, I hope you don’t mind but I need some quiet right now.” “Hey, I have some time to listen. How do I listen to you?” You know… get to know your roommate!

I’m not a fan of Banish All The Things Without Cause. But then again, I kinda grew up in a haunted house… of sorts… and my life is completely filled with stuff… so… Take my advice with care and tailor it to suit your needs.

Anyone else have advice for the Anon?

I have nothing to add, but I’m reblogging this for future reference.

(Also this makes me feel much less silly about buying furniture for the dude on the patio.)