Calling All Occult Artists!!!


I am looking for other occultists who use their artwork as a way of communicating cosmology and esoterica. I am hoping to start a secondary blog with 1 to 5 others as contributors and moderators, as I’d like to take submissions.

My goal is to create a showcase for original modern occult art on Tumblr.

The primary requirement would be that you share an original artwork drawing, painting, photograph, poem, sculpture, at least once a month; AND that it be designed to either communicate and represent some arcanum of occultism, OR that it be intended to function as a magical item (amulet, talisman, sigil, spirit vessel, invocation, etc).

Please Re-Blog this if you would like to see a blog featuring this type of original work.

For those who may be interested in assisting in this project please send me a message through my submissions page here (go to my blog, go to the top left and click on the sprocket and then look for the submissions icon). Include at least one image of a piece you have created which fits the type of work I’m looking for. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

In tenebris, lux

Matthew Venus

Spiritus Arcanum

I am so interested!  I’m completely useless as an artist, but I can still appreciate the work of others.