hellboundwitch’s tumblr family

SO I’m not trying to imply these people at ALL feel the same way about me, but!  I’ve managed to develop like, a tumblrfamily in my head.  And I went for more personal emotional accuracy than anything — for example, I’m pretty sure witchcuntt is younger than I am, haha.

BUT ANYWAY…Presenting, my Tumblr Family! 

  • tumblrmom, primalheart
  • the cool aunts who live far away:  templewitch and threedifferentways
  • uncle ginandjack
  • thiscrookedcrown and witchcuntt, older sisters
  • asksecularwitch = the voice in my head that keeps telling me to start shit
  • bros:  that-fat-chaote-dude and sculcuvant
  • secretly cousins or something: khalheyokha
  • deadbeat dad:  staff
  • starting pokemon:  lazypagan
  • pet cat:  environmint

And now you know!  

(I still don’t know why though)