What’s that you say?




You’re Wiccan? You’ve taken up praying to Loki and Thor, recently? I bet the avengers movie had nothing to do with that.

You’re also 13 and militantly derisive of your parents, hate your life because you’re in middle school, and you write poetry?

I bet you’ll go far.


You’re “a witch?” You’ve taken to doing “runic magic” while calling on Odin, Hecate, and Kali? Better mind your own business then, because you’re already borrowing Gods from Heathenism, and we don’t appreciate your shenanigans, either.


You’re a Wiccan who’s fairly young and was inspired to worship Loki and Thor, partially because of the recent Marvel movies?  Cool.  I’m glad you found deities you jive well with.  Now, do the effort, take this time (while you’re 13, and thus can’t have too much on your schedule) to read the Eddas, do some research, maybe do some networking to find others in your area.  Realize that there are differences between the movies and the myths and the gods themselves, and that opinions are valid.

You’re writing poetry?  Cool.  Read some poets from various time periods or cultures, and keep writing.  That’s great.  

You don’t like your parents?  It happens, but give them time.  Most teens think their parents are shit until they grow up, it’s a natural stage of development.  That said, if what they’re doing is actively hurting you or anyone else, do say something, or contact authorities if it comes to that.  But if not, just give them time.  

You’re using runes to contact non Nordic deities?  Okay.  It may not be as successful as it could be, because they may not be huge fans of Runes, but if you already have a relationship with them they may consent to working with Runes if they know it’s a system you use.  

On the flip side, you’re an older, more experienced pagan who isn’t a fan of fluffy bunnies?  That’s valid.  But instead of bashing the newcomers and being elitist, offer advice or education to help people grow.


Also, for the record, I have this saved as preach that shit motherfucker.gif