One day I’m going to shut up about this.

So I know I’ve talked about gods and challenges before and I know I said I was done with it but just let me say one more thing.  Because this is part of what I’ve been trying to say all along.

I know I’m kind of an exception since I don’t particularly want to work with deity, but it just keeps…happening.  And now that I have a patron, I’m happy for it, because of…uh, reasons.  We won’t get into it here.

But don’t think for a minute that my relationship with her is about helping me ~grow as a person~.  It’s not.  I don’t think she’s particularly interested in my personal growth, or in challenging me in any ways that most people would find useful.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say she’d be perfectly happy to keep me exactly the way I am, because that would suit her just fine.

And I don’t know, maybe I’m like the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who works with deities but not as part of a self-help program.  But now y’all understand a bit better where I’m coming from when I get all uppity on the challenge thing.  

(I hope?)