Signal Boost for Constantine!


This is an awesome idea we need to support it omg!

*goes to donate money*


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*bites RIGHT THROUGH HER TONGUE to keep the “I told you so” from coming out*

Let’s just say that you know those people who just love being SO FUCKING ANGRY that they want to start bitching about something pretty much four months before THEY EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS?

Yeah, let’s just say there’s a chance those people don’t have a single clue what they’re actually talking about. And while we’ll probably never hear it from THEIR mouths, the facts, at least, speak for themselves.

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i just ordered like $60 worth of pizza from pizza hut



UPDATE: i have eaten two slices of pizza and now i’m full

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Seeing things like this on my dash can sometimes be weird for me…because it’s 10am where I am lol…

Ha, well…it’s 11 AM here but…

:D Also TO BE FAIR I also ordered pizza for my brother and my mother who will be visiting and wanted some for herself…but I was like “Fuck it, pizza for breakfast, I don’t feel like cooking.”

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i just ordered like $60 worth of pizza from pizza hut


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Featured At New World Witchery!!!


Finally, my interview with New World Witchery has been published!!! Thanks so much Cory for this wonderful opportunity, I am extremely honoured to be a part of your beautiful show!

This is the best thing I could have woken up to! Two of my favourite people! I can’t wait to listen!!

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I am literally the friend that gives relationship advice and is always single.

#okay but i’m a good mediator#when i’m not telling someone to dump that fucker

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behold my apprentice

hellboundwitch: I can't spend $113 on an oracle card journal though right
explodingpopsicles: no, you should wait until theres a sale

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if you were like

"Yo Jasie I want you to bring about the apocalypse."

I’d be like “…no thank you.”

But if you were like, “Yo Jasie, let’s use magic to bring about the apocalypse”

I’d be like

"…tell me more…."

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the closer we get to autumn the more my witch ego starts kicking into overdrive

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